Living the {AD HOC} Lifestyle

My Vision 
To help make life easier by freeing up our schedules

My Mission
To enable clients to do what they need to do,
​when and where they need to do it. 

My Values
Efficient, reliable service with patience and commitment.

Hello, my name is Elizabeth.  I started An Ad Hoc Lifestyle because I wanted to use the skills I’ve spent years developing without setting myself into one specific role.  It also allows me to work with a number of clients and accommodate my family’s needs. ​

I have completed an Associates of Arts in Accounting, a Certificate II in Floristry, a Certificate III and IV in Business Administration and a Certificate IV New Small Business as well as Certificates of Attainment in Social Media and Branding.

I am currently working on a Graphic Design Certification with The Graphic Design School.

​I’ve worked both corporately, as a Personal and Executive Assistant, and in small business as an office manager, receptionist, payroll and administration officer.

Previously, I spent years in the armed forces as a mechanic and team leader.  Between that and my last few years as a mum of multiples, I am well suited to organising, multitasking and helping others.

My amazing clients