Giving back to the Blue Mountains

This year has been crazy, challenging, stressful, and long… and it’s only August.  

While my home life has been a challenge (I was never meant to teach small children!), my business actually started thriving amidst the madness.  It was a combination of local support and the sudden increase in need for what I offered that made that happen.

I don’t want to be the only one doing well though.  My friends, my community, are struggling.  So, what can I do to help?

Starting {In the Mountains}

I decided to start interviewing the locals to start giving them a bit of a shout out and a platform to discuss their lives at the moment!

{In the Mountains} is my show that talks to Blue Mountains small businesses, creatives, events and initiatives organisers… anyone really.  I’ve done two show so far and the process has been so enjoyable! Take a look – and feel free to join the {In the Mountains} Community Group or the Contributors Group (if you’d like to be interviewed).

You can subscribe on YouTube to always know when the latest video is out, too.

Annalouise Paul and Blue Mountains Flamenco

Julie Ankers and ARTHouse, BMCAN and Volunteering

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