Last year, I completed a Cert II in floristry.  It was another of those things that I never thought I’d do, but as my kids went to school, I wanted to learn a new skill, and TAFE was right by my house and at just the right hours… I met some amazing people, learned all abo

ut a job I was certain I couldn’t do because “I’m  not artsy enough”, and most importantly started learning about colour.  ​

Colour has meaning and makes you feel things. It 

makes customers feel at ease or anxious. It can take your brand from run-of-the-mill to eye catching.  Now that I’m studying graphic design with the goal of creating better branding, content and logos for my clients, I’m using the same colour principles that I learned in floristry.  It is amazing how things come back around.


As a bonus, I was cleaning up my instagram and deleted my old floristry account, but I’m in love with the pictures and they remind me of such a fun, creative time that I will share them here.  Enjoy!


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