A lot of businesses use the term ‘rebrand’ for any changes they make to their branding – including me just a few weeks ago.  The difference was explained to me by the amazing Jane Carr of Little Muriel, so I thought I would share this learning opportunity with you!

So, which do you need?

rebrand can be useful in certain instances:

  • Are you too much like the competition?
  • Has your business outgrown its original mission?
  • Do you need to distance yourself from a poor reputation?

brand refresh is for when your business is the same, but your look is a bit outdated:

  • Update your colours and messaging
  • Keep the same logo, but make it more modern
  • Completely start over with a new logo, when the business model hasn’t changed

Which brands have done this effectively, in your opinion?

There are so many options, so if you are looking at your image and it isn’t representing you properly, let’s discuss what you need!

Next week, I will walk you through the basics of Vision Statements vs Mission Statements, so stay tuned.

**Thanks to the following sites for their descriptions: https://www.crowdspring.com/blog/how-to-rebrand/ https://www.creativeco.com/services/brand-refresh-rebrand

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