“Life isn’t made up of the big moments, but it is a culmination of all of the small ones.”

​In my daily life, I suffer from imposter syndrome… a lot! ​Part of this is because my expectations of myself are too high, part of this is because I don’t see the struggles others go through. 

Social media plays a part – we see nothing but the best snapshots of any one part of someone’s life.  This image isn’t accurate, and while we should absolutely share our major wins with our social circle, perhaps we should be a bit more open about the process of how we got there.

I want to list a few of my small victories. Feel free to add yours in the comments as well, let’s support each other!

  • I finished my branding – this is only a small step in the whole “launch a business” process, but it’s one that I love.  My website and my content all have the nice clean feel I envisaged when I thought up An {AD HOC} Lifestyle.

  • I did two certificates of attainment through TAFE digital to help with my upskilling and service offering.

  • I took my puppy for a walk.  I’ve been putting it off and prioritising everything above that, so instead of continuing to allow myself to feel guilty, I made the choice to get up and do it.  We both had fun, by the way!

  • I took a weekend off.  This may not sound like a victory, but I’ve been discussing “small business owner mentality” with my fiancé lately.  It’s that feeling like there’s always something you should be doing – to grow your business, to market yourself, to make money, to help someone. You end up using all of your down time as work time.  It’s exhausting, and you get burnt out so quickly.  So, this last weekend, I made an effort to step away.  I played with the kids, I nerded out to my heart’s content, and I came back today motivated and refreshed.​

What did you do recently that you can celebrate?  Remember, life isn’t made up of the big moments, but it is a culmination of all of the small ones.

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