I’ve never started my own business. I’d imagine most people haven’t.  However, like a lot of people, I’ve thought about it for most of my adult life. Every time something got frustrating, every time my family needed more of my spoons than I had left to give, every time I had a “brilliant idea” that I was sure no one else had thought of.  Now, it’s a reality, but it is only partially due to the spoons issue, and mostly because I decided I want to do this for myself and use the skills I love, and to fit that in to my life as it is, I need to set my own hours and pick my own clients and workplaces.

I am so excited to be doing this, but as with any new thing, the fear of failure is real and imposter syndrome is ever present.  Nevertheless, I persist.  Thank you to everyone who encourages me, works with me and supports me as I go on this journey!

– Elizabeth… owner, proprietor, and brains trust of An Ad Hoc Lifestyle

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